Galaxy Nails! 5 Galaxy Nail Art Designs & Ideas

Galaxy nails are one of the most popular nail art designs currently. This nail tutorial shows five different galaxy nail designs: Milky Way nail art, full moon in the night sky nail design, nebula nails, water marble galaxy nail art and an ombre galaxy nail art. Many galaxy nail art ideas in one nail art tutorial! But don’t worry, all of these galaxy or space nail designs are very easy and simple to create. Perfect DIY nail art for beginners – I show each galaxy design step by step.

For the Milky Way nail art design you need a cosmetic sponge, black nail polish, a few shades of blue polish, white and a yellow nail polish. To give the nails some stars and sparkle apply a glittery polish on top.

The full moon in the night sky design is one of my favorites galaxy nail art designs. The tools you need to create this galaxy design are a striper (I have a DIY nail art striper tutorial on my channel, make sure to check it out!) and a pencil or a larger dotting tool. With the eraser part of the pencil you can create a perfect circle for the moon nail art. With the striper create some larger stars by drawing a plus sign and with a toothpick smaller stars that are further away. I love this cartoon night sky nail art design. It is super cute!

Nebula nail art design is very easy to create and always turns out nice and neat. You don’t have to be precise at all. This galaxy nail art using a sponge is very cute. You can add some pink and violet to make the design more girly, interesting and bright. On top apply a glitter nail polish to add stars and sparkle to your nails. This galaxy design is the easiest and simplest out of the bunch, you don’t have to be precise at all — perfect for nail art beginners.

The most fun nails to create are definitely the Water marble galaxy nails. You can play with different colors and make different designs on the water surface. I went for brighter colors to create a galactic center. I like the water marble galaxy nails as they are quick to create and look amazing. If you don’t know much about the water marble nail art technique, check out my channel — I have a step by step water marble tutorial for beginners there!

Ombre galaxy nails are created using a cosmetic sponge, black and white polish and two shades of blue nail polish. Creating a gradient nail art with a sponge is really simple to make and so quick! On top apply a glitter nail polish to bring this ombre galactic night sky together. I really hope you enjoy this galaxy nail art ideas tutorial and that you’ll try some galaxy nail art designs yourself!

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