Justice League Batman Vs Cyborg Gauntlet Blaster Superhero Gear Test With Ckn Toys

Hi guys , today we are playing with this two Justice League Gauntlet Blaster. We have the Batman Blaster and Cyborg Blaster.
Become Batman with this authentic, slide on, firing gauntlet inspired by the new Justice League movie! This powerful gear puts fans in control of Batman’s iconic artillery! Squeeze the trigger and hidden spikes rise, light and fire a blue disc! Load, aim, blast again! The Gauntlet includes 5 Batarang discs that fly up to 20 feet! With movie inspired designs, colors, lights and firepower, you can battle DC Super-Villains and save Earth!
Victor Stone must receive alien tech enhancement and armor up to become Cyborg. Now fans can join the battle with his infamous Gauntlet Blaster! As seen in the new movie, it features metallic styling, power lights and sleek computerized design. It also fires projectiles! Slide the gauntlet on and flip the panel back to reveal the red lights. Ready, aim, fire two projectiles! Protect the Mother Boxes and save earth as Cyborg!

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