Lego Nail Art! Lego Heads, 3D Bricks, Blocks Nail Design. Toy Nail Art. Nail art in Future – iPhone

In this toy nail art tutorial I show you how to create a Lego nail art manicure! This Lego nail art for beginners looks super cute and cool, but it is very easy and simple to create. I show how to create a cool toy nail art: 3D Lego block nail design, Lego brick nail design and Lego head nail art (Lego nails). I also show a future concept of iPhone mobile phone. It would be super cool if manicure and nails (nail art) could be done simply and easily in a matter of seconds with a laser beam from your iPhone. We would all be nail art experts. Further, I put to use my own nail art striping brush to create a perfect thin line. I will show how to create this precision nail art brush in my next video.

I start the nail art tutorial by drawing a simple 3D Lego block or brick nail design. For this, all you need is one colored nail polish and a black nail polish. You also need a dotting tool or you can make your own dotting tool for example from a toothpick, back of the paint or a makeup brush, pencil, bobby pin, straight pin from your sewing kit, ballpoint pen, etc. You can make different colored Lego brick nail designs for each nail. I have painted blue, pink and white Lego block on my nails in this tutorial. Black nail polish is used to create shadows for that 3D effect. I love how this Lego block design turned out and it reminds me of childhood when Lego was one of my favorite toys to play with.

To make the nail design even more interesting, you can draw heads of the Lego characters on some of your nails. For this you need yellow, white and black nail polish. Yellow nail polish is used to paint Lego heads, White nail polish to paint the background, and black nail polish for the shadow to give that extra pop and 3D effect to your Lego head nail art. To frame the heads you also need a nail art striper in black. Don’t worry if you don’t own a nail striping brush! I created the nail art striper / nail art precision brush which I am using in this video myself! It is very simple and easy to make and It works as a dream. With my DIY nail art striper I am able to create the thinnest and most precise lines ever as in this Lego nails tutorial. For me this is the best nail art striper I have ever used. I will show you how to create this precision brush in my next DIY nail art striper tutorial.

Nail polishes used in this toy Nail art tutorial:
* Essie Funny Face for the Lego brick nail design,
* Essie Licorice for shadows to create 3d nail art effect and for mouth nail art and eyes nail art.
* Essie Blanc for the Lego shocked mouth nail art and the background for Lego heads,
* Essie Avenue Maintain for the Lego Block nail art,
* OPI Need Sunglasses? For the Lego faces nail art.

At the beginning of the video you can also see a fun concept of the future iPhone! It would be really cool if nail art would be as easy and simple as in this video’s intro. It would be awesome if they created something like this for your iphone right?! 🙂

LEGO is a line of construction toys which is manufactured by the Lego group, which has a headquarter in Billund, Denmark. Lego started to manufacture interlocking toy bricks in 1949. The founder of the company was Ole Kirk Christiansen. He was a carpenter and started making wooden toys. The name Lego comes from the Danish phrase “leg godt” which means “play well”. The Lego Group’s motto is “det bedste er ikke for godt” which means only the best is the best (literally “the best is never too good”). This motto was created by Ole Kirk to encourage his employees never to skimp on quality. Quality was a value he believed in strongly.

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Intro song used in this Lego nail design is provided by Kevin Macleod from under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (

All other sounds and images in this Lego nail art are either my own or provided by or under the Public Domain license (

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