No Tool Nail Art! 5 Nail Art Designs & Ideas Without Any Nail Art Tools

No tool in nail art to create nail art designs! You can create many cute and easy nail art designs even if you don’t own any nail art tools. In this nail art tutorial I show all of these cool no tool nail art designs step by step. All you need is a few different colors of nail polish to create beautiful and simple nail art designs perfect for nail art beginners at home without any nail art tools. As I have short nails many would think that this is a DIY nail art for short nails tutorial, but these nail designs for short nails can be easily painted on long nails too. This step by step nail tutorial shows 5 nail art designs but I have many more no tool nail art ideas in my mind so more nail art tutorials coming soon. What I like the most about no tool nail art is that all the designs are so simple to create only with the use of nail polish brushes and I show them step by step, so this is a perfect nail art for beginners tutorial as well. So why using only 1 nail polish on your nails while doing manicure if you can merge few of them to accomplish awesome nail art designs without any nail art tools.

First design is the super hero inspired with a chevron detail — I called it a super woman nail art, since it looks really cool and powerful. Next I made a gradient (Ombre) striped nail art design using three shades of blue nail polish. You can switch the main polish for any color you prefer, but you need at least 3 shades of that same color to get a gradient effect. My third nail design goes into the sphere of animal print nail art designs. I made a giraffe skin nail art using a technique where you dot the nail polish color on the polish base which hasn’t dried yet. You get a beautiful marble effect which reminds me of a giraffe skin since I used a yellow and an orange nail polish. You can try this technique using any color of your choice and you get a really cool and funky manicure. Another DIY nail art design in this tutorial is the gradient square design. Again you need 3 shades of the same color and you can create this really unique and easy nail art. Lastly I made a wave design using the colors that remind me of a watermelon. It looks gorgeous and will definitely spice up your overall look.

Even if you don’t own any nail art tools you can still have loads of fun creating interesting nail art designs. All you need is a nail polish, some imagination and you can start experimenting.

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