“Ten Little Funny Babies” Playground | 24 Minutes from Little Baby Bum | Kids Nursery Rhymes

Come join the Nursery Rhyme Friends of LittleBabyBum in the collection of great children’s songs!

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00:04 Ten Little Funny Babies
1:39 Baby Shark Song
3:17 Bye, Baby Bunting
4:54 Little Puppy Song
6: 32 Make A Wish
8:14 Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
10:01 Animal Sounds Part 2
11:33 Seat Belt Song
13:01 Party Time Song
14:36 Color Balloons Song
16:19 Five Little Monkeys Swinging In The Tree
18:18 Wheels On The Bus part 15
20:32 Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
22:04 The Color Train Song part 2

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